Vietnamese opposition groups endorse Conservative human rights focus

Since the release of Radomir Tylecote’s report on Vietnam this month, a large number of Vietnamese groups have signalled their support for the Commission’s activism for human rights in the country.

In a letter to the Commission, the recently-formed Vietnam Progression Party (VNPP) said, “The VNPP highly appreciates your Party’s foreign policy [and] making human rights a priority”.

In response to Radomir Tylecote’s interview on the BBC Vietnamese service about the report and the very poor state of human rights in the country, one Vietnamese listener wrote:

"My deep gratitude to the Commission, Mr Rado and the community abroad, especially to those who have conscience. I think you are bringing back a sense of confidence for the people of Vietnam. We now feel that we have not been forgotten in a world where we have been oppressed and isolated by the communists"

Mr Bao Giang Le, a writer for exile pro-democracy website Dan Chim Viet, said, “The Commission’s report has had a very good effect on the democracy movement, attracting a great number of ideas from Vietnamese readers, despite the internet police’s propaganda efforts against it. The Vietnamese people sincerely appreciate these investigations and I commend the Commission for undertaking this work.”

A full Vietnamese version of the report is to be released soon.


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