Ethiopia - Developments 25th - 27th March
  • Mar 27 - British MP Says UK Gov't Did Not Reduce Commitment to Ethiopia  - The British Member of Parliament, John Austin, said "people should not be misled into thinking the UK government in anyway reduced its commitment to Ethiopia". He further underscored that Ethiopia's success in fighting poverty is important for Africa's overall attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  Speaking at the annual Ethiopian Cultural Evening held this week at the House of Commons in London, John Austin, who is also Chairman of Parliamentary Ethiopia Group, stated that there are enormous improvements registered by the country in the agricultural sector. &

  • Mar 25 - Charge Withdrawn for CUD Defendants - The Federal High Court hearing and trying the case of CUD top leaders, journalist et al charged with crimes of treason and genocide, has granted permission to the public prosecutor to withdraw the charge instituted against 18 of the 129 accused, including the VoA five. The court also ruled allowing the withdrawal of the alleged offences charged and described separately as count number four. &