Burma update
27th February 2006

1. Former political prisoners expose Burma's "gulag"

Ex-political prisoners have spoken recently of the network of some 40 interrogation centers, 43 prisons and more than 60 labor camps through which thousands have passed, often for the mildest dissent against the country's military rulers. The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, according to Associated Press, reports "in grisly detail the regime's array of torture and degradation techniques. Survivors tell of homosexual rape, electric shock to the genitals, partial suffocation by water, burning of flesh with hot wax and being made to stand for hours in tubs of urine and feces" . For further details see: http://www.burmanet.org/news/2006/02/24/associated-press-ex-political-prisoners-in-exile-unite-to-expose-myanmars-gulag-denis-d-gray/

2. Junta steps up campaign against ethnic groups

Associated Press report continuing attacks on ethnic groups: http://www.burmanet.org/news/2006/