Sudan update

1. UN Security Council passes resolution on Sudan sanctions

The UN Security Council has passed a resolution imposing sanctions against four Sudanese nationals accused of war crimes in Darfur.  Russia and China chose to abstain rather than veto the resolution as African nations had supported the sanctions. 

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2. Jan Egeland states that the humanitarian situation in Darfur is as bad as ever

Jan Egeland, UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, stated last week that the humanitarian situation in Darfur is as bad as ever.  Aids groups are in retreat due to attacks by armed groups, shortfalls in funding and government obstacles.

3. AU to present draft peace agreement at Abuja

The AU was due to present a draft peace agreement to delegates at the Abuja peace talks.  The comprehensive peace agreement for Darfur comprised protocols on power-sharing, wealth-sharing and security arrangements.

4. Concern grows about instability in Chad

Suliman Baldo, Director of the International Crisis Group’s Africa Program, stated ‘If they take power in Chad, they are likely to cooperate with Khartoum militarily to attack the refugees in Darfur... Khartoum is backing them precisely for this purpose. There is a real threat of ethnic cleansing.’ 

Instability in Chad has grown in the last week.  Up to 50,000 people are currently squatting on the outskirts of villages, after leaving their own homes in the border region.  They have border area in response to attacks by rebels and bandits.  The Sudanese Janjaweed have launched cross border raids into Chad, attacking civilians in order to loot.