22nd March 2006

1. Dozens of opposition activists arrested in Minsk

The arrests over the course of the post-election protests have generally taken place outside of the main protest arena of October Square. From my recollection, October Square is crawling with foreign journalists and cameras so they can’t get away with it there. The arrests are taking place in the surrounding metro stations and streets, as people take a break for food, warmth or to go home for a wash, and come back again.

The full list of the detained is here:

Among them are Anatoly Lebedko, leader of the United Civil Party and Milinkievich’s campaign manager. He was also beaten during demonstrations in 2004, so badly that he nearly died after hospital staff were forbidden to treat him. Two other prominent aides and Alexander Milinkievich’s sons were also arrested:

William Hague has called on the EU to put Belarus top of its agenda at tomorrow’s summit, following the arrests.

More on the surreptitious arrests:

And not so surreptitious ones:

2. Detentions and beatings continue after elections

From Amnesty International.

3. Demonstrators to stay in October Square until the weekend

Demonstrators protesting the fraudulent re-election of Alexander Lukashenko have been asked to stay in the square by their candidate, Alexander Milinkievich, until the weekend to show their commitment to the cause of democracy in Belarus. Having turned out on Sunday, some have been in the square continuously since Monday evening in sub-zero temperatures, sleet and snow.

4. Ahmedinejad congratulates Lukashenka on “election” “victory”

A cynic would say they deserve each other. In reality this is more evidence of the world’s worst human rights abusers sticking together to distort the international community’s human rights agenda.

5. Russian ambassador: Belarus vote outcome must be accepted

Russia and Iran are so far the only governments to recognise Lukashenka’s election as legitimate.

6. Three Georgians deported from Belarus for taking part in election protests

It seems I slipped through the net :-)


The website of the major youth opposition movement Young Front, with whom I demonstrated on Monday, was hacked and briefly shut down today. has gone the same way but is working.

8. World media slowly wakes up to Belarus,,13509-2097395,00.html

9. Polish Foreign Ministry condemns Belarusian elections, prepares for sanctions


22nd March 2006

Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders singles out Sudan, Russia, Belarus and Uzbekistan for curbs on freedom of expression


22nd March 2006

1. Uzbek government closes UN refugee office in Tashkent

2. Uzbek and Kazakh leaders hold joint press conference

(This is an official Uzbek government website)

3. Russian MPs visit Uzbekistan