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Mar 24 - HPR Deputy Speaker Stresses Enhancing Women's Participation - Deputy Speaker of the House of Peoples' Representatives yesterday said that enhancing women's participation in the socio-economic and political spheres is essential in enabling them enjoy their political and civil rights. and

Mar 23 - Court Drops Charges of 18 Defendants - The Federal High court dropped yesterday the cases of 18 opposition members charged with treason and genocide following the prosecutor's decision not to proceed against them for the time being. and The Daily Monitor (Addis Ababa) and

Mar 21 - Speaker Urges Sector Offices to Ensure Gender-Responsive Activities - Speaker of the House of Peoples' Representatives has urged sector offices to make sure that their development undertakings are gender-responsive from budgeting to implementation. and

Mar 21 - AAU, Save the Children Denmark to Offer Training for Journalists  Training enabling media practitioners to present in depth reports on the rights of children and youth would be provided for 297 journalists in the near future, Graduate School of Journalism and Communication with the Addis Ababa University (AAU) and Save the Children-Denmark announced here yesterday. -

Mar 18 - EU Releases Final Report On May Elections - The European Union has issued its final report on last May's elections in Ethiopia this week. According to the report, the 2005 parliamentary elections were the most competitive elections Ethiopia had experienced, with an unprecedented high voter turnout. However, it said, while the pre-election period saw largely orderly manner, the counting and aggregation process were marred by irregular practices, confusion and lack of transparency.

Mar 18 - 'Individuals By Nature Are Equipped With Human Rights And the Only Role Governments Play Is in Taking Away These Rights' Interview with Dr. Andargachew Tiruneh is currently a part time lecturer at City University in London. and

Mar 18 - Right Group Calls for a Halt to Disorder - The Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRCo) called for an instantaneous end of chaos in the capital. Following the March 7 bombs which rocked Lalibela Restaurant and other places in Addis, EHRCo released a special statement on March 15 in which it strongly denounced the inhuman actions. and

Mar 16 - Political Divide Ensnares the Press; Arrests, Closings, Censorship Found By CPJ Delegation - Deep political divisions in Ethiopia have fuelled the massive, months-long crackdown on the private press in that country, gutting the print media, promoting rampant self-censorship, and resulting in the imprisonment of more than a dozen journalists on charges that could bring the death penalty, the Committee to Protect Journalists found during a one-week visit to the country that ended on Monday. and

Mar 16 - Alarming Deterioration in Press Freedom - Nearly four months after Ethiopian authorities launched a crackdown on the country's press following post-electoral street protests, there has been an alarming deterioration in press freedom conditions, reports the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). Self-censorship is rife, critical newspapers are shrinking in number and 14 journalists face charges that could bring the death penalty. and

Mar 16 - Pregnant Journalist Freed After One Month in Prison - Online journalist Frezer Negash was released from prison on the evening of 9 March and all charges against her were dropped. She was freed two days after her third appearance before a judge, at which her lawyer requested her provisional release. She was arrested on 27 January. and

Developments 16/3/06 25/3/06

Mar 16 - Eritrean Women in Different Parts of the World Celebrated International Women's Day - Eritrean women in different parts of the world celebrated International Women's Day with zeal.  In Cairo-Egypt, Riyadh- Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi- UAE, Washington D.C., Seattle, Oakland, California- USA, Saskatoon- West Canada, London-England, and other towns conducted festivities. Briefings highlighting the event were also presented.  The briefings noted the vital role Eritrean women played in the 30 year struggle for independence and their continued contribution to Eritrea's social, economic and political development. and