Iran and Vietnam update


They Deserve Each Other: Iranian candidature for UN Human Rights Council seat

10.04.06 - Iran has put itself forward as a candidate for a seat on the new United Nations Human Rights Council in its inaugural election of forty-seven members scheduled for May 9th. Insiders believe that Iran will be voted in by the General Assembly

Campaign to save life of political prisoner gathers momentum, urgency


NCRI – International campaign to save the life of Mr. Valiollah Feiz-Mahdavi, a political prisoner in Iran, spreads as the deadline for his execution draws closer.

Swiss judge orders arrest of Iranian ex-minister for assassination of activist


Swiss judge has issued an arrest warrant for the former head of Iran's secret police for his role in the killing of a leading Iranian dissident 16 years ago.

US launches Iran democracy programme


"It's positive because it is important to engage Iran," says Zahir Janmohamed, who directs the human rights programs in the Middle East for Amnesty International.

US State Dept Country report on Human Rights Practices

The government's poor human rights record worsened, and it continued to commit numerous, serious abuses. On December 16, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution expressing detailed, serious concern over the country's human rights problems.


Australian MP’s HR trip angers Vietnamese government


Mr Donnellan, a co-ordinator of the parliamentary human rights group MPs for Vietnam, said he visited Father Ly and other activists during the four-day trip.

116 Vietnamese democracy advocates make statement for freedom of association


We strongly support and call for political activities that are beneficial to our nation, and promoting all human and civil rights which all genuine democracies must recognize and protect, including the rights to form political parties and hold political activities.