Conservative Party Human Rights Commission Chairman
Gary Streeter MP introduces Belarus Early Day Motion

Gary Streeter MP, Chairman of the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission, has introduced an Early Day Motion (EDM) in the House of Commons “deploring” the crackdown in Belarus on democracy activists in the aftermath of the recent presidential elections.

EDM 1773 on “Democracy in Belarus” reads as follows:

“That this House deplores the recent arrests of opposition activists in Belarus who were campaigning for the Presidential elections on 19th March 2006, including the leaders of reputable political parties; notes that this forms part of a wide scale pattern of arrest, intimidation and oppression by forces loyal to President Lukashenko; believes that the international community should apply more pressure on the government of Belarus to ensure that these elections are free and fair; and looks forward to the day when the 10 million people of this European country can enjoy the freedoms that British people take for granted.”

It can also be viewed at: