Sudan update

1. Sudan tops ‘failed states’ index   

The 2006 Failed State Index, compiled by Foreign Policy Magazine and the US think-tank Fund for Peace, has found Sudan to be the world’s most vulnerable state.  DRC was second.  To see the report, please see

2. New deadline for Darfur peace talks

A further extension for the peace talks has been agreed.  The new deadline is Thursday evening.  The Sudanese government has indicated that it is prepared to sign the draft agreement but rebel groups want concessions on security, power and wealth sharing.

3.Violence continues in Darfur

BBC reporter Orla Guerin has reported that violence is continuing in Darfur – villages are still being torched and civilians are still being displaced.  To read her report, please see

A government offensive in South Darfur has raised fears that civilians may be targeted.  UN Special Representative for Sudan, Jan Pronk, has called on the SLA to stop attacks on humanitarian workers in the region. Jan Egeland is due to visit Darfur on Sunday.  He was denied entry by the Sudan government last month.

4. Sudan army refuses to hand over officers for trial abroad

The Sudan army has indicated that it support the President in his decision not to hand over any Sudan national for trial abroad.  They stated that the law of the Armed Forces does not allow handing over of officers to any external circle for them to be tried.  Sudan had previously denounced the decision by the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on four officials suspected to human rights abuses in Darfur.

5. Speech by Gareth Evans on responding to crimes against humanity

ICG President, Gareth Evans, made a speech last week titled ‘Crimes against Humanity: Overcoming Global Indifference’.  To read the speech, please see