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Ana María Pizarro, Juanita Jiménez, Luisa Molina Arguello, Marta María Blandón, Martha Munguía, Mayra Sirias, Violeta Delgado, Yamileth Mejía and Lorna Norori belong to various organisations that work with survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse; promote sexual health and promote the rights of women, children and young people.

They face legal proceedings for their involvement in the case of a nine-year-old girl who was raped and made pregnant in 2003 and who obtained a legal abortion in Nicaragua.

In October 2007, a non-governmental organisation, backed by the Roman Catholic Church, lodged a complaint against them accusing them of concealment of rape, crimes against the administration of justice and other misdemeanors. The Church, and other public figures, publicly accuses the Women’s Network Against Violence [the network that links the various organisations they work with] of using this ‘extraordinary’ case to push for abortion to be legalised.