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Bedoya is a journalist who can offer personal and professional testimonies of the human rights situation in Colombia.

Kidnapped in 2000, Bedoya was raped and tortured by her captors – believed to be paramilitaries. In 2001 she won the Couage in Journalism Award and was offered asylum by a number of countries; all of which she turned down.

The national daily newspaper El Tiempo took her on to run their ‘law enforcement’ department; to track and write about the conflict between the FARC guerrillas, the paramilitary, the armed forces and the government. She also wrote about life in Colombian prisons; for which she was awarded the International Press Freedom Award in Canada in 2001.

In 2003 Bedoya travelled to Puerto Alvira; an area under the total control of the FARC guerrillas. She wanted to investigate the disappearance of 70 families and how everyone in the area has been forced into cocaine production.
On her arrival she was kidnapped, stripped and locked in a house with her camera man. They were released when the villagers reported it to the FARC area commander who released them saying that it had all been a mistake. Bedoya believes that they did not want the attention on her story.