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Best known for her book Girl Soldier Grace Akallo is a human rights campaigner in Uganda.

Akallo went to school in northern Uganda. The Lord’s Resistance Army stormed the school and, at gun point, marched 138 girls into the woods. Their teacher convinced them to release 109 of them; convincing them of the impracticality of that many children.

Grace and the others were forced to walk to Sudan; some girls died on the way. When they arrived they were taught how to use AK47s. They were sent to battle against the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA). Grace and the other girls were forced to kill SPLA soldiers; they also were forced to shoot each other should one of them try to escape. Grace was raped and beaten repeatedly by her commander. After 7 months she managed to escape. Eventually she was reunited with her family.

She is now a leading campaigner against the use of child soldiers, and the importance of the care of them, and other young victims of rape, once they have been rescued.